Friday, March 27, 2015

Baby Talk Rocks

A light hearted peek into my Friday morning:

My 3yr Old: "I want a**holes for breakfast."

Me: "What!?"

My 3yr Old: "I want a**holes please!"

Me: "Ummm... I don't think..."

My 3yr Old: "A**holes and kiwis please!"

Me: "Oooohhh! WAFFLES!! No problem kiddo."

*laughs* precious.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Enough With The Artificial Sweeteners!

I'm a mom of two toddlers. The last thing I need are "surprises" in what I thought were healthy food purchases. I'm mad.
Del Monte: Sucralose!

So, here's my morning: I cleaned up two poo-splosions, my 1 year old fell off the couch because he's so tall he can climb things he has no clue how to get off of. I dug a shard of plastic out of his mouth (he opened the heat vent and fished it out of the duct), both kids have impressively runny noses, I did an overflowing dishwasher, folded laundry, and answered a bunch of emails. This week my Awesome Husband is working till 8:30pm every night because it's crunch week before his students present their school play. I'm a tad frazzled.

The fridge is looking a bit bare so I grab a can of fruit salad from the cupboard to include in our lunch. I bought a new kind packed in water instead of syrup. I think I've earned Mom Points by finding a low sugar option. Surprise!