Monday, November 18, 2013

Great Moments In Parenthood: Ball Pit

Parenthood is filled with great moments when we just sit back and laugh at life and our kids. Recently while having a few friends over, my almost two year old son decided to crawl through one of the smaller holes on his inflatable ball pit. He got stuck. What I love so much about this moment (besides the fact that we caught it on video) is how determined he was to figure it out himself. Only after a full minute of trying out different tactics to free himself, did he start to wine for rescue. It's encouraging to see such smiles in the midst of great effort!

What are some of your favourite moments with your kids?

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Stay At Home Mom Decision: Social

Women (and men!) who are facing the decision of whether to return to work or stay at home with their new child agonize over many aspects of this life-altering choice. Can we afford it? Will I be bored? Am I cut out for all day care of a child? What will my days be like? Will I miss my work connections and interests? In this multi-article series I will discuss the many sides of this big decision and help new moms feel good about their choice. Today's subject: the social impact of the stay-at-home mom decision.

Social Impact Of Staying At Home

For many parents, this is a huge, huge worry when deciding whether to stay at home with young children. For others, it's hardly a consideration. Are you a social butterfly? Do you define yourself by your friends, connections and social life? Or, are you more of a homebody, comfortable doing your own thing and checking in with contacts once in a while? Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to become a stay at home mom or dad: