Friday, May 31, 2013

The Stay At Home Mom Decision: Financial

Women (and men!) who are facing the decision of whether to return to work or stay at home with their new child agonize over many aspects of this life-altering choice. Can we afford it? Will I be bored? Am I cut out for all day care of a child? What will my days be like? Will I miss my work connections and interests? In this multi-article series I will discuss the many sides of this big decision and help new moms feel good about their choice. Today's subject: the financial impact of the stay-at-home mom decision.

The Financial Side Of Staying At Home

I want to talk about this side first because for many couples this is the biggest factor in their decision. While the logistics seem clear; you will lose the income of the stay-at-home parent, there are extra things to consider which must factor into your decision: