Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't Go To The Gym, Be Productive Instead

A controversial title for this blog post today, and it might get a few people angry. I acknowledge that for many people working out is a hobby itself. They love the sporty aspect to it, the friends they make at the gym, the support provided, and the precision of the equipment available there. However for the rest of us it's a chore. An expensive, slightly boring, often embarrassing one, and yet we drag ourselves there, paying for memberships and telling ourselves that if we pay for it, it will make us stick to it. Nonsense I say! If you enjoy it, and get a sense of accomplishment from your workouts then you'll love it. If you improve your life and that of your family all while also getting fit and staying healthy, isn't that ideal? Here are some activities you can do instead of going to the gym which will exercise some muscles and have inherent benefits in the activity itself. No furious pedalling on a bike that goes nowhere on this list!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Awesome Mom Project: Sell Something

Regularly on this blog I will post an Awesome Mom Project. A small, productive task you can work on which will take a few minutes to a few hours and will improve your life in some small way.

Awesome Mom Project: Sell Something

  • Time: approx. 1 hour.
  • Materials: digital camera, computer.
  • Improves: clutter, money.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Decision: To Be Or Not To Be A Stay At Home Parent

For many women (and men!) the decision to leave an established career and become a stay at home Mom or Dad is one of the hardest and most important decisions of our lives. Full of risk and uncertainty this decision is almost never taken lightly, and is often shaped by how we grew up, what our peers are doing, and a million factors both external and internal to the family. Let's discuss a few of these concerns.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fighting Stay At Home Mom Boredom

Boredom. Not all women experience this phenomenon, however for some of us it can be a shocking consequence of the decision to leave fast paced and structured careers for the new routine of raising kids and managing a household. Sometimes it seems like anyone who mentions that they are experiencing this, get immediately attacked as either not being an 'involved enough' parent, not 'getting it', or not knowing how to relax. Some even react angrily assuming that anyone claiming to be bored is somehow insulting the job of stay at home parents, or looking down their nose at anyone who isn't bored. That's not what I'm saying here.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Who Am I, And Why Another Mom Blog?

Mom blogs runneth over on the Internet these days, so the big question is, who am I and why on earth am I writing a blog about being a Mom. How is this blog different?

Let me start with what this blog will be about, since that's why you're here and if you're like me, your time is limited because there are about T-minus 10 minutes until junior wakes up from his or her nap!

This blog will be geared toward women who consider themselves to be business professionals taking the leap into being stay at home moms. I take a very logical and business like approach to my posts; I admit I'm a bit of a nerd. I provide practical advice covering finances, business, parenting, home management and life. Tips for keeping your life organized and your family happy, healthy and financially secure. Strategies for operating a business out of your home and coping with stay at home boredom. Simplifying your life, and creating a wealth of love, fun and joy all around you. I provide quick side projects you can tackle in a couple hours or a few minutes and advice I've learned that worked for me.

There will be a limited number of recipes or craft ideas on this blog since it's not my area of expertise, and I promise to keep the diaper and boogie stories to a minimum, since all those fun mom humour-and-horror stories are well covered in other excellent blogs out there.

Ok, that sounds pretty intriguing, but who am I? Well, I am in my early thirties and recently left my career as a software developer and business analyst to start a family. I have a darling young son (DS) and a loving husband (DH) who I care about more than anything in the world. I am very good at managing personal finances, and I have a small profitable freelance business which I operate out of my home. I am not a certified financial planner or business coach and my advice is offered for fun in the hopes that it helps a few other moms out there.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my first few posts!